Thursday, July 14, 2011


There are four women in my life all of whom share the same initials: SD.
There was SeDonaJane,

well S & D are in her name. We were crazy about each other for a time. I took her to a church to show her the structure but then my desire for her was so strong that I took her again and again in the confessional booth and later up front behind the alter. She's partnered now but we remain close friends and confidantes.

There was my one and only "partner" ever in the land of SL Slightly Dramatic, she conquered my heart, and held it inside her hand for a time. We shared so much laughter and love she and I but also far too much pain when I could not conform to her ever-changing expectations of who I am. I saw her last night, at Frank's dancing with another man.

 I did not like seeing that, I shall always think of Slightly Dramatic as mine...

There is Seductive Dreamscape, Sedi. She and I love each other as the closest friends do. Each has the other's back. I am honored to share an elegant castle with her as well as exploits and ...benefits.

 Sedi is beguiling and hypnotic to men. She is fiercely loyal to me in her desire to protect my heart. When I first introduced her to Slightly, Sedi told her, sweetly yet quite sincerely,
"If you ever hurt Veritas, I will kill you".

Last night I was visited by yet another SD, Sexually Delicious. She arrived right before I was ready to call it a night.

"You're naked" she observed upon her arrival.
"Yes, I prefer to walk around my castle naked; clothes are so constricting..."
SD wasted no time in seizing my penis first with her hands, then with her lips and tongue and bringing me to a climax just as she tp'd her friend Sativah to my castle to join our little late night/early morning soiree.
But more was in store, oh so VERY much more.
SD extracted a leash and before I could protest had fastened it to my cock.
"Show me your dungeon Veritas" she commanded me pulling the leash attached to me as Sativah stood giggling.
What followed was humiliation after humiliation solely for the two ladies' entertainment. They made me wear bunny ears, and a tail. Then through some witchcraft, SD impregnated me with a hydra egg, which I painfully delivered, the egg cracked open and there stared up at me my cute little hydra, his sharp teeth poised much too close to my own magnificent (but now shriveling in fear) member.
While a proud man would have protested or driven the women away. I found myself drawn into their mischief, aroused and excited by it.

There was more to come however...much more.*

I suppose the SD in all these women actually stands for sensual desires...
*if you wish to read about the specifics of VERITAS' adventures, look for his forthcoming e-book, THE VERITAS CHRONICLES coming from SMASHWORDS

Monday, July 4, 2011

Young V & homeless pets

When Veritas was a small boy he would always bring home stray cats & dogs.
"Veritas you can't bring all these animals here!" his mother would say.
"But they have no one, mother, I will raise them." he replied

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I said it would never happen..silly me. The universe has delivered SLIGHTLYDRAMATIC to me and now I am complete!