Saturday, March 23, 2013


VERITAS Heliosense sat in his comfortable rocket home, SELENE, 

and contemplated his life.  He had not been breeding much these last few months. 
In fact , he had become a wandering nomad, discovering new lands, new people; their customs and cultures. 
V had become introspective. He contemplated all that he had done; all that he was and felt vacant. 
Again and again the women he had involved himself with had disappointed him with very few exceptions. 
Of course there was the lovely Athena, always consistent as his loving muse, confidante and friend. Never one to deceive him. 
ATHENA, V's confidante
Angry at being deceived?
Lately though, Veritas had found himself being angry for no real reason. 

Something was missing and until he could pinpoint what it was, it would continue to gnaw at him. 
Many of the women he met in his travels had pleased him physically but were wanting in the mental challenge department. That was it! He needed a woman who could stimulate his mind.  
AND most of all he needed TRUTH. His very name meant it. It was the only thing he searched far and wide for. So simple yet so avoided by so many of the women he encountered. 
Why did they insist on complicating their lives with lies? It was so much easier to just tell the truth. No misunderstandings there... 
Seductive D. 
Suddenly Sedi popped into his head. For a while she and V had lived together in a castle.  He missed her often. But there were many women that Veritas had grown close to and he often thought of them.  Perhaps he would go visit Seductive...