Friday, November 11, 2011


[09:34]  shayshaysmiles Resident: Oh reallyyy she slurs and no sand's in your panties Laughs
[09:34]  LadyTitania Brunswick: Let's go and have a drink.
[09:34]  shayshaysmiles: Oh she sways lets she nods.
[09:34]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Salaam,
[09:34]  VERITAS Heliosense: Salaam good ladies.
[09:34]  shayshaysmiles shouts: Hey you there!
[09:35]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania looks drunkenly at the man who has appeared,
[09:35]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Salaam.
[09:35]  VERITAS Heliosense: Surely thou art princesses?
[09:35]  shayshaysmiles: Salaam What you doin? she slurs and bumps int titania
[09:35]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Oh yes, I said that already
[09:35]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania hiccups
[09:35]  VERITAS Heliosense: Drunken princesses?
[09:35]  VERITAS Heliosense: oh allah has sent me just in time then
[09:35]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): We're drunk and we're looking for men
[09:36]  shayshaysmiles: I am pirate slaver and i take you , she laughs drunkenly
[09:36]  VERITAS Heliosense: I am a man, and I am a lion
[09:36]  VERITAS Heliosense: VERITAS IS A  LION! RAWWWR!
[09:36]  VERITAS Heliosense: What do you seek men for good ladies?
[09:36]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): I saw him first
[09:36]  VERITAS Heliosense: I am enough man easily for 2 ladies...
[09:36]  shayshaysmiles: Laughs I tame him with whip she stumbles
[09:37]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): We want men to take advantage of our drunken condition
[09:37]  VERITAS Heliosense: you will whip me ?
[09:37]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania is sounding very slurred
[09:37]  shayshaysmiles: I want no man you take him titania
[09:37]  VERITAS Heliosense: I weill gladly take you both
[09:37]  VERITAS Heliosense: to heights of unimagined pleasure ladies
[09:37]  shayshaysmiles: She stumbles again tripping but catching herself
[09:38]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Careful
[09:38]  VERITAS Heliosense: shayshay is asian for THANK YOU
[09:38]  Sandros Slade: laughs at the man that can not even rp here without a meter
[09:38]  VERITAS Heliosense: I have been to the far east and serviced by the emporer's wife
[09:38]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania catches Shay which only causes her to stumble
[09:38]  shayshaysmiles: Laughs you are certain which tells me no. she slurs
[09:38]  VERITAS Heliosense: after I finished she said" shayshay nee " to me
[09:39]  shayshaysmiles: She shakes her head. i may be drunk but not stupid sir .
[09:39]  VERITAS Heliosense: for touching her in places the Emmporer never could reach
[09:39]  shayshaysmiles: I am slaver you kneel to me!
[09:39]  VERITAS Heliosense: you may be a harlot as well..
[09:40]  shayshaysmiles: She pulls out her weapon You sir go to far!
[09:40]  VERITAS Heliosense: I am weary of this banter, come ladies gimme some
[09:40]  shayshaysmiles: she stumbles abit
[09:40]  VERITAS Heliosense: if you pull that spear you'd do bettter to pull MY lance shayshay
[09:41]  shayshaysmiles: Titana do you want him or I slay him
[09:41]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Oh slay him
[09:41]  VERITAS Heliosense: OMG! You just gave me a HARD-OFF!
[09:41]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania falls to the ground again
[09:42]  shayshaysmiles shouts: Look what you did!
[09:42]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania feels the world spinning
[09:42]  VERITAS Heliosense: you girls obviously are posessed by demons
[09:42]  VERITAS Heliosense: demon spirits
[09:42]  shayshaysmiles: She puts her weapon away and tries to help titana up
[09:43]  shayshaysmiles: She looks at him glaring thats right you better run along

[09:43]  VERITAS Heliosense: I think I need to carry your sister to safety in my tent
[09:44]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania slowly gets up
[09:44]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): I fel sick
[09:44]  shayshaysmiles: Uh oh, she hiccups
[09:44]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania stagers backwards

[09:45]  shayshaysmiles: Hey!

[09:45]   Kyohaku Zeid OOC: why are you doing that?
[09:45]  shayshaysmiles: I will fight you sir
[09:45]  VERITAS Heliosense: let that be y our lesson fair skinned one
[09:46]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania walks over to the trees and starts puking
[09:46]  VERITAS Heliosense: NEVER draw a weapon on your superior
[09:46]  shayshaysmiles: Laughs you are a fool

[09:46]  VERITAS Heliosense: you are a vessel for my love fluids woman
[09:46]  VERITAS Heliosense: *~*~rofl*~*~
[09:46]  VERITAS Heliosense: nothing more
[09:46]  shayshaysmiles: Superior ass maybe
[09:46]  shayshaysmiles: You are no one here
[09:47]  VERITAS Heliosense: go tend to your friend
[09:47]  VERITAS Heliosense: I am a lion
[09:47]  VERITAS Heliosense: VERITAS IS A   LION! RAWWWR!
[09:47]  shayshaysmiles: Shove off
[09:47]  Sandros Slade: laughs....her superior?.....hell you are on explorer tag you dont even exist neener neener neener! (masturbates furiously)

[09:47]   Kyohaku Zeid OOC: a superior twelve year old child perhaps
[09:47]  VERITAS Heliosense: Sandros run to your mothr's breast
[09:47]  VERITAS Heliosense: Kyo as well.
[09:47]  Sandros Slade: yeah fuck you girly boy (pulls his small member harder)
[09:48]  VERITAS Heliosense: observers hiding behind their mommy's skirts
[09:48]  shayshaysmiles: Salaam brother seems we got a smart ass
  [09:48]  Sandros Slade: looks to shay.....yes clearly a nobody  (inserts free fingers into his own ass)
[09:48]  Sandros Slade: salaam sister
[09:49]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania coughs and splutters
[09:49]  shayshaysmiles: Nods but he seems to think himself lion she laughs
[09:49]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania looks at Sandros
[09:49]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Salaam
[09:49]  Sandros Slade: salaam girl
[09:49]  VERITAS Heliosense: sand-ros such a clever name, you must eat a lot of sand.
[09:49]  Titania von Brunswick (ladytitania.brunswick): Tania wipes her mouth

[09:49]  VERITAS Heliosense: I note you stand far far away from me, wise choice

[09:50]  Sandros Slade: no reason to stand I this land you dont even exist  (repeats himself and continues masturbating vigorously)
[09:50]  shayshaysmiles: Laughs I stand too close cuz you smell like camel ass
[09:50]  shayshaysmiles: Laughs (

[09:50]  VERITAS Heliosense: this town is new to me , a land where harlots walk and "men" like sandros yell from the peanut gallery
[09:51]  shayshaysmiles: You do wise brother staying there
[09:51]  VERITAS Heliosense: I fart at you all
[09:51]  VERITAS Heliosense: and exit
[09:51]  VERITAS Heliosense: VERITAS IS A  LION! RAWWWR!