Sunday, August 7, 2011


The following is an unedited conversation that VERITAS had with Elenia Llewellyn, a "founder" of the floundering alternative to SECOND LIFE, known as INWORLDZ:
[14:58]  Elenia Llewellyn: You came in
[14:58]  Elenia Llewellyn: you offended Ford the first chance you could
[14:58]  Elenia Llewellyn: you offended Bubbles
[14:58]  Elenia Llewellyn: then when asked to back off by a mentor
[14:58]  Elenia Llewellyn: you threatened her
[14:59]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: ok judge you have all the facts
[14:59]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: so ban my ass
[14:59]  Elenia Llewellyn: I have a copy of the im's
[14:59]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: yeah good. read the offense
[15:00]  Elenia Llewellyn: Just because youre supposedly "reviewing" InWorldz does NOT give you right to refer to her as a "nazi mentor"
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: where I offeneded anyone
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: she acted like one
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: i have EVERY right
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: that is how I think
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: are you going to tell me how to think now too?
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: i dont think so
[15:00]  Elenia Llewellyn: It's ok to refer to people as "nazis"??
[15:00]  Elenia Llewellyn: because they censor you?
[15:00]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: if they act that way YES
[15:00]  Elenia Llewellyn: it's ok to threten them
[15:00]  Elenia Llewellyn: cause you don't like it
[15:01]  Elenia Llewellyn: that's all I need, thank you
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: no threat was made whatsoever
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: right I used the eff word
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: so when you ban me remember
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: this is going into my REVIEW
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: so when this "game " becomes even more of a ghost town than it already is
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: cut and paste this converstion
[15:01]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: and give it to your bosses.
[15:02]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: silly woman.
[15:02]  Elenia Llewellyn: My bosses?!?!
[15:02]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: and let me know when INWORLDZ for "grown ups " will be coming out
[15:02]  Elenia Llewellyn: wow really?
[15:02]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: whomever
[15:02]  Elenia Llewellyn: did you just go there?
[15:02]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: or are you saying you run this farce?
[15:02]  VERITAS HELIOSENSE: duh , scroll up in case you missed something

(INWORLDZ, I mean, seriously? smh)

There's the problem with allowing any old nitwit to RUN a venture. You get a woman like that. Fortunately, there is SECOND LIFE where freedom of expression is still allowed and encouraged.
Ok to answer the Ford , Bubblez and Zip questions you may have. Bubblez was a very attractive ava whom I noticed had a caption reading Ford's #1 girl, which I took to mean she was a slave belonging to Ford. So, observing BDSM ettiquette I enquired to Ford if Bubblez was available for some "pixel popping fun". Bearing in mind that the sim specified it was PG. I kept my language in public chat light and playful.
ONE SECOND later I get the IM from Zip Starfall, a "mentor" to "watch your language, dont be RUDE this is a PG sim, we dont need your kind here, you can be banned for that behavior"...and this was followed in rapid order by Commandant LLewellyn's diatribe and subsequent EJECTION and what amount to my CYBER EXECUTION form INWORLDZ for having the gall to speak freely.
Bottom line, stay away from that NAZI RUN bullshit virtual world. It is lame at best and only good for people who enjoy solitude and being told what to say and think. I am disgusted...


  1. Quite frankly, if you go in with a bad attitude and harass people, you will get what you bargained for. Even SL doesn't put up with that level of harassment.

    If you really want to know what Inworldz is all about, check your attitude at your modem.

    1. Quite frankly Marie. Inworldz founders do not get involved with residents virtual world read TOS. Send the report. Other words The drama queen is very non professional. It is a very simple thing to freeze and eject. But the Queen that is over everything you own has time to fuss with a Drama.
      Get a life ELLE. Take the money go to the bank.
      Let the the world turn. You! we have money invested in STFU and do other things. Do not put your self out there.

  2. Veritas my young friend, you really need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Seriously, you actually believe this diatribe?

    "Fortunately, there is SECOND LIFE where freedom of expression is still allowed and encouraged."

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, do you seriously believe that the people at Linden Lab will allow you to go to a PG SIM, and speak to people with such flowery speech, and NOT take action against you?

    I really would like to explain how things really work, but you are just too far gone; my condolences.

    1. Do not piss the drama queen off she is root that means she owns everything you own. So If I was you Bob get on your knees and handle it.

  3. @Bob -

    You can find yourself "mysteriously terminated" in SL, for a lot less than what he pulled on Inworldz...who does he think he's kidding?

  4. can you believe the owner of the grid has time to actually play this way. When are you going to learn to stop screwing with our money Elle. just do not go there. You are a drama queen and you get baited every time. This is why we cringe. Please say what other people do as they take our money . please supply a abuse report IW staff does not get involved with residents.
    Other words Elle be quite take the money and stop being a drama queen ok.
    Be tween you and tranq you have run off half of Europe and half of asia.
    when are you going to learn your words mess with our money STFU.
    and read abuse report. Yopu have no power. Person like you is the cool head people do not want watching all there assets. You do realize your are root.